Alive City 6

Minecraft Building Project

February 17, 2024


Coming soon.

After years of my passion for building cities in Minecraft, I'm starting another one! I'm going to focus my time on making this city incredibility realistic, and pedestrian focused. Cities should be built for people, not cars.

Focuses & Style:

  • Pedestrian focused
  • Quiet roads, easy for cars to navigate, safe for pedestrians to move
  • Modern, futuristic, some cyberpunk, neuclassical?
  • Lots of monochrome, with bright / wooden accents here and there
  • 100% green and zero carbon footprint
    • Green buildings with plant roofs and wind/solar on rooftops
  • Preserving nature around us
    • Lots of parks & activities
  • Not a concrete wasteland with just concrete everywhere
  • Unique road layouts, not a straight grid
  • Based on:
    • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Image of the beta map:

Beta map image


This entire project is subject to change. This project is also going to be over multiple years, and will have slow progress because my personal focuses are design and code, this is just a passion. I might document my progress over on a blog on my personal website.

This project is also in the alpha stage, I need to research city, building, and road design, then make a high quality map.

- Written by dukc
- Project by dukc