DuckyHQ Labs

Minecraft Building Project

February 17, 2024


Coming soon.

This is part of my passion for building in Minecraft. I always wanted to build a futuristic office / huge corporation. So I'm just going to build it in Minecraft. The project will be based in Alive City 6.

DuckyHQ is meant to be a huge corporation (in a fictional world) where they make open-source free to use hardware & software. And some pretty major technological advancements in life.

DuckyHQ Labs is going to be a huge campus modern/futuristic, with buildings dedicated for each sector of the company:

  • DuckyHQ management
  • Slate
    • Hardware department
    • Software department
    • Management
  • Alive
    • Alive Media (entertaining media accross all platforms)
      • Recording studio
    • Alive Gaming department
  • DuckyHQ Research
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Health
    • Power (fusion)
    • Climate